Welcome to Timberline Golf Course

Beware Demon's Run -
Four of the toughest finishing holes in the Midwest!

We would like to extend a welcome to all of you visiting our new clubhouse on the web. This is still a new site so there are some features that will be in progress. Look around and watch as our new web clubhouse takes shape. Should you find anything out of place or not working on your browser please feel free to contact us to we can provide you with the best results.

This extremely scenic course was designed amidst 250 acres of woods. The rolling hills and numerous oak trees in play will challenge the most experienced golfer. Even though the fairways are lined with trees, the landing areas are quite generous. In addition, the greens are large and undulating, so three putts are fairly common. Water hazards come into play at least four times, and the last four holes are so difficult they earned the nickname "Demon's Run."


Timberline Staff